Dani Arnold is living his passion, extreme mountaineering. Expeditions all over the world, challenging routes on rock and ice, speed records on all the great north faces of Europe. He is one of Europe’s leading extreme mountaineers and the continent’s most acclaimed free solo climber. All of this started in 2011 when Dani’s record climb of the Eiger north face suddenly became the talk of the climbing world and catapulted himself into mainstream media outlets across the world.

 | HDry | ambassador
 | HDry | ambassador

Torre Egger, Patagonia (2010) – 1st winter ascent with Stephan Siegrist

Eiger “Solo” north face, Heckmair-Route (2011) – Speed record: 2h 28’’

The Hurting/Anubis, mixed (2012) – 1st non-Scottish repetition

Matterhorn “Solo” north face (2015) – Speed record: 1h 46’

Moose’s Tooth, Bird of Prey in Alaska (2013) – 1st ascent with David Lama

Crack Baby WI6, (2014) Free Solo Speed, 0h 27’ 13’’, 340m

Panmah Kangri, 6100m (2015) – 1st ascent with Alexander Huber

Piz Badile “Free Solo”, Cassin-Route (2016) – Speed record: 0h 52’

Grandes Jorasses “Free Solo”, Walker Spur (2016) – Speed record 2h 04’

Beta Block Wi7, (2018) Free Solo Speed, 1h 03’, 300m

Broad Peak, 8051m (2019) – no oxygen

Cima Grande “Free Solo” north face (2019) – Speed record: 0h 46’

Petit Dru “Solo”, Allain/Leininger (2021) – Speed record: 1h 43

 | HDry | ambassador
 | HDry | ambassador
 | HDry | ambassador

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