I consider myself an athlete and a lover of the mountains. I like competition but what I am most passionate about is exploring new places and sculpting new lines. As a climber I try to be as versatile and persistent as possible.


I currently live in Catalonia. There I enjoy the good weather, family and friends. I like to share my experiences and inspire people. I feel the need to share what has made me and continues to make me so happy.

 | HDry | ambassador
 | HDry | ambassador

"I always combined the rock climbing with the competition"

I started climbing in Montserrat at age 12 thanks to my father and within a few months we were already trying the same ways. At 13 I made my first 8th.

With 15 years I had already done my first 8C's in the Basque Country. In those years they called me the child Prodigio de la Deportiva. When he turned 17, he managed to enter the 9a club with Kinematix, France, thanks to my brother, I took by car and we spent a few days climbing together.

Later with 21 years he managed to chain Rambla 9a+ signing the first repetition, it was one of the best moments of my sports career.

A couple of years ago I made the mythical via Chilam Balam 9A+/9B (5.15b) one of the most difficult and beautiful roads in the world.

With 26 years old I decided to finish my career as a competitor to be focus in what I love most … My great obsession right now, is to bring difficulty to the great walls of the Himalayas. 

I am really excited by the projects that will come in the next years...!

 | HDry | ambassador
 | HDry | ambassador
 | HDry | ambassador

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