Mathieu Maynadier is considered one of the most experienced and talented mountaineers of his generation. His specialty: the most technical climbs! Successive expeditions have taken him to the most remote places on the planet (Himalayas, Nepal, Peru, Alaska...).

"Mémé" is also the coach of the national mountaineering teams of the FFME (French Federation of Mountaineering and Climbing). As a fan of mixed climbing, all he needs is a simple ice axe and a pair of crampons to adapt to any terrain. With numerous summits and routes to his credit, he has become one of the key figures in French mountaineering.

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 | HDry | ambassador


- Third repetition of « Logical Progression », El Gigante « Mexico », 850 m (7C)

- Free ascent of « La Route Del 84 » in 7 hours (5380 m), Perou

- Ascent of « Moby Dick » 7C+, 1000m


- First ski descent of the Diran (7266 m) in the Karakoram range (Nagar Valley and Bagrot Valley Gilgit-Baltistan), Pakistan

- First ascent of the Pathan Peak (6000 m) in the Khondus region, Tagas massif, Pakistan

- New route on the eastern side of Chopicalqui (6350 m), « La Marshal'alba Del Suenos » (1000 m ED), Peru

- New route on the north-east side of Dickey « Move Your Aass And Your Mind Will Follow » (1600 m, ED M6/A3/6A), Alaska

- First ascent of Lunag II (6850 m), « Close The Door » (ED 1300 m), Nepal

- First ascent of the east ridge of Ganesh 5 (6741 m), (ED M5 6A), Nepal

- First ascent of « Le Théorème De La Peine » (2000 m, M5/ED) on the southeast peak of Latok 2, (7020 m)

- First ascent in alpine style of the southern face of Gauri shankar 7000 m « Gare au Gauri » (2000m 5+/M5/A1 ED+)

- Attempt on the Nangpai Gossum (7134m ), Nepal

- « Maewan Adventure Base », participation in two trips in Greenland

- Appointment to the Piolets d’Or for the first ascent of Lunag II (Nepal)

- Ascent of Gasherbrum II (8 035 m) in alpine style

- First ascent of Mount Meru, south face (6,660m)

 | HDry | ambassador
 | HDry | ambassador

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