I never thought the mountains would influence my life so much. When I started climbing with Dad when I was 14, I played water polo and was always in the pool. When the time came to sit on the university desks and untangle my engineering books, I left my caps and ball to devote myself to crags and the big walls of the Dolomites. The reward for the first 30 with honors in Analysis 1 was a ski mountaineering course. Gradually I discovered snow, ice, mixed climbing, winter mountaineering and ... I started traveling! At the crag I met Claudia, my wife, and it is wonderful to share with her this lifestyle of close contact with nature.

 | HDry | ambassador
 | HDry | ambassador

My job as an engineer took me around the seas on construction ships staying away months; with my portable suitcase rafter I tried to train and recharge my batteries ready for new adventures. However, traveling for work for long periods of time was not compatible with my idea of family and passion for the mountains, so, now ten years ago, I resigned as an employee and started a new chapter in my life: I put myself back out there again to devote myself full time to my passions, as a mountaineer, mountain guide and freelance engineer. 6 years ago when my daughter was born, it was time to recalibrate the way of experiencing the mountains, less quantity and more quality. I have repeated ascents in many wonderful places but opening new lines is definitely an irrepressible passion that involves me totally. Enigma is the latest creation on the wonderful Trieste tower. I am not satiated, I always have the desire to experience new adventures and discover new walls.

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